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Rogue Fable IV

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Author Comments

The legendary Goblet of Yendor. Some say it grants immortality while others claim its infinite power will drive those who seek it to madness, Whatever it is, that Yendor guy sure seems pleased! Many a rogue and scoundrel have dared to brave the depths of the Dungeons of Doom in hopes of swiping this most coveted treasure.

None have survived. Will you be the first to succeed?

Rogue Fable IV is the latest iteration in a project that has spanned nearly a decade of development. The series overarching design goal has been to squeeze every last drop of juicy depth, complexity and challenge from traditional rogue-likes into a tight and polished experience with runs that can be completed in under an hour and that is approachable by players new to the genre.

This latest instalment in the series has been slowly growing in scope and complexity and has begun to expand into spaces and mechanics that are unique to the genre. Despite this it has remained as free as possible of excessive stat and formula bloat with most of the critical information presented in the world and on the field of battle itself.

  • More tactically involved combat with a major emphasis on mobility, positioning, timing and careful target selection.
  • Deeper, more open-ended character development system that is balanced to encourage a wide variety of builds.
  • Significantly more detailed, elaborate and tightly designed levels that help reinforce the core combat tactics while also creating a greater sense of a living and coherent world. At least as coherent as the doom fortress of a mad wizard can possibly be.
  • Graphics are greatly improved and consistent with the main emphasis being on readability during gameplay.
  • A ton more content in terms of talents, items, enemies, bosses and special levels has been added.

Steam Early Access:

As part of an ongoing series, this web-version can be thought of as a snap shot in time of the project. Development will be continuing for at least another 2-3 years on Steam through Early Access which will beginning around December 22 2023.

Steam Early Access


We have a very active Discord where you can chat about the game, discuss tactics and strategy, ask for help or provide any feedback or suggestions. https://discord.gg/dsKHHuFqkN



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Wow, pretty cool game you got here! For the most part, this felt very polished and well put-together on all fronts: it felt very intuitive and informative with the way everything is laid out and has tooltips on hover, there's loads of great quality-of-life like these auto-go-to options, and the gameplay has a very addictive and juicy simplicity to it while still having some interesting complexities to it such as terrain advantages, skills, wands, and so on. Really great stuff and I could easily see this on Steam with how professional it feels!

While I am overall positive on it, I will admit that I've only played it for a bit so far, so I'm not aware of its long-term appeal and could just be in the honeymoon phase. Furthermore, while I can see it on Steam, I'm not sure if it would be able to stick out from the absolutely enormous crowd of existing roguelikes. Right now, while it looks and feels good, it's just a bit generic and nothing I haven't seen before, with its only potential quality being its addictive simplicity, which I think a lot of other games can compete with (for example, I love Barony and can't see this doing anything to take me away from that). I dunno, maybe there's something you can do to differentiate it a bit, give it some sort of unique quality to its gameplay, or change up its theming and add some charm to it?

Other than that, there are a few aspects here and there that could use some work, like how its inconsistent with labeling unstable ground (hovering over tiles like tracks and beds do not give any clue how standing on it counts as unstable). I'm sure there's probably some balancing problems here and there, but I haven't played it deep enough to have any insight on those type of issues: hopefully will play more and provide that information on the discord if I find any!

Played the game many times and finished at least one run with each class.
It's definitely more challenging than Rogue Fable III, but also more simple and slightly more balanced.

Like in the previous one, also in this game there're some talents that are incredibly powerful and you'd like to get at every run. Here's my Top 5 of them:
1- Shield block. Simply broken. Shields will always be good to equip and two-handed weapons that prevent you from using it are very rare, so you're likely to get one everytime. 40% block chance means that almost every other attack on you just misses. Always go for it

2- Shroud of wind. Two very good bonuses in one. Even if it takes you 12Int to get the best of it, Shroud of wind grants 20% reflect chance and Levitation. 1 out of 5 projectiles bounce back from you to the enemy AND you no longer have to worry about pools or unstable terrain (which would grant crits to the enemies). Get it, but only if you want to bring it to LV2

3- Shadow step. Read the description carefully and between the lines as well; it's not "Blinks you close to an enemy", it's "TELEPORT for FREE close to ANY enemy you can see". It's insanely good to prevent being surrounded or getting the annoying enemy healers, and it fully works even at Lv1, so you don't even need 14DEX to get the best of it (though 10 cooldown instead of 20 is not bad at all).

4- Burst of flame. It's a lot of damage, can hit multiple enemies and it doesn't have limited range (for the flame to burst) or line-of-sight requirement. You think inflammable objects are hard to find? Just know that the torches on the walls are inflammable objects as well.

5- Dominate. Useless to say, it's extremely good as anyone would expect from it. It requires 14INT to get LV1 (though you won't probably need LV2), but for 8 mana you immediately get rid of an enemy and turn it against the others. Suggest to use it on enemy wizards (elementals included) as most of them have AoE attacks or on enchanted enemies that would last much more than normal ones.

Honorable mention- Perfect aim. Since 8 classes out of 10 use ranged attacks (duelist requires high DEX, so you''re gonna get a bow), having extra range (and lesser line-of-sight problems at LV2) means shooting from safer places and an extra attack before that obsydian golem gets to you and you have to run from it. Also very useful with Summon skeleton or Domination as you can shoot from behind your minions when they get the front line.

Also, some tips that may be useful for those who still need to clear their first run.
- Not all runs are meant to be beatable. Not with each class. Some seeds just spawn items for everything but your class and you need a reliable build to defeat the final boss. If you see things are not going fine (the first 8 floors are enough to see it), just quit and start a new run.
- Strenght is a must. Always. As it increases maxHP, max encumberance and melee damage, you'd like to always bring it to 12 at least (also for LV2 Shield block as soon as you find it and a shield). You may choose which one between INT and DEX as they both increase ranged damage, but you'll always need strenght.
- Plan ahead and not come to compromises. Enchanting a weapon or a regular equip is not as good as enchanting a 3-stats item (like Mushroom cap shield) or an Attribute-plus item (like ring of Dexterity), and transferance tables are VERY rare (found only one in like 50 runs). Keep enchanting scrolls with you for all the time you need until you find an item worth of enchantment or you get to the gates of Yendor's vault. Also with tomes of skills (gives you 1 out of 4 available talents at your choice), if there's one talent you want but you don't have high enough attributes (YET), just leave it there, level up and then come back to get it.
- If you're new to the game, check each enemy's stats and skills they know, expecially in late game. You can do it by hovering the enemy without clicking. Useful to also check how much damage they deal and if you'll survive the next round without consuming that potion.
- Buy javelins and chakrams and use them. Projectiles have been buffed a lot from Rogue Fable III and are very cheap. A Chakram deals 24 damage (+DEX bonus) to all enemies in a row; that's twice the base damage of lightning bolt. If you see any by the merchant, just take 'em.
- If you run as one of the 5 mages, you're gonna need an offensive spell not of your element (or an AoE of an element if Enchanter). Staves are very rare in the game and it's very likely you'll find enemies resistant to your main element so, unless you're eager to use all your consumables on a couple of ordinarily weak mobs or risk your life and attack them with weapons that deal half your main damage or less, you'll need a spell of another element to use against them, and possibly one that doesn't interfere with your other spells (no Poison cloud if Storm or Fire mage as your attacks would ignite it, for example).

That's all. I finished at least a run with every class (no seeding if not to restart the same run after a dumb mistake/missclick in early), so each one of them is winnable. Just like with every roguelike, you need to fail several times and discover both mechanics, enemies and available items in order to use such knowledge and win.

easily one of my favorite games on this site

how do i use quick attack,and what it is for ?

64186316274 (Both RoL and RoE on 1st Floor)
64258211066 OP for Mages

Have fun ;)

Credits & Info

4.19 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2023
4:44 PM EST